Manage Conferences With Confengine

Confengine is an ideal platform for conference organisers, keynote speakers, sponsors and attendees. Its unique web-based application gives you the ability to engage with your attendees at a whole new level and immerse yourself in the conference at quite another level altogether. With this web based application you are able to view all the conference related information and the complete agenda ( Session start time, total time, presenter details, etc.) at the push of a button. This makes it so much easier to navigate the different screens on Conf Engine, and also allows for easy tracking of sessions and individual attendees.

The ultimate platform for all your conferencing needs. The web based conferencing solution is provided through a mobile app that allows users to access the applications from any location with an Internet connection. This feature enables conference organisers and other employees to manage the conferences from anywhere they are. The application is provided by the award winning confound.

Conf Engine is designed to simplify the process of conducting meetings, providing a single point of access to all conference functions. It has been designed by leading software development companies across the world using agile methodologies. The primary aim of Conf Engine is to help you run a more effective agile project management system without requiring any programming or design knowledge. It has been designed to suit the needs of small and medium sized businesses that require a cost effective but feature rich program chair. Users of Conf Engine can save time and money by avoiding hiring additional project staff.

Using Confengine gives the following benefits to conference organisers. Reduce Costs – The cost of running a successful conferencing event can be significant and in some cases quite debilitating. Conf Engine provides the essential functions that reduce cost and time involved with planning and execution of Conferences. You can save a significant amount of money on administrative costs by eliminating the need for hiring project managers and designers. You can pay for the features that you need and not what you don’t. If you run a small company, the cost of hiring a project manager may be a financial burden for you.

Productivity Enhancements – Running a successful conference requires that you have a robust, streamlined and effective program chair that is easy to use and which has a high level of functionality. With the innovative and highly functional Conf Engine, you can gain access to all the features that are crucial for a productive conference. You can also gain access to web based reporting and analysis tools as well as the capability to integrate with the Conf Engine web hosting platform which provides a highly secure and scalable conferencing solution.

Program Chairs – With the innovative technology integrated into Confengine, you can easily gain access to the program chairs that are suitable for the different types of conferences and meetings that Confengine supports. This includes an impressive variety of modern design chairs such as the iConnectIV (designed for mobile device use), the Ultraader (for conferences held on the go), the Flowcharts (for large conferences), the Le mobility and the Table top. You can also have the additional features of multimedia and conferencing connectivity. In addition, with the help of the web based Conf Engine, it is now possible to connect with your conferent partner without having to use the traditional conference facilities.

Advanced Functionality – Using confengine, it is now possible for Confusers to share documents and files, generate reports, create slides and audio, publish items via an easy-to-use publishing tool, as well as interact with each other through instant messaging and forums. Moreover, the interactive whiteboard feature makes it easier for the conference attendees to take part in the conference proceedings. The outstanding range of features provided by Confengine will enable you to manage your conferencing activities with greater ease.

Overall Customer Experience – One of the most important benefits of Confengine is that it helps you provide the best quality customer service to conference organisers and other participants at the same time. With the help of the mobile application, Confengine automatically downloads any updates and plug-ins required for a smooth and hassle free conferencing experience. Moreover, this mobile app also gives conference organisers access to the live chat option from anywhere they are. In addition to this, the superior customer support services it offers has ensured that it has become one of the foremost choice of mobile conference organisers. Therefore, if you too are looking to manage a conferencing event through Confengine, it is essential that you choose a premium conferencing provider to enjoy all the benefits it offers.