Prime Secure AI CCTV Towers

CCTV Tower

Prime Secure’s been leading the market for 20 years in construction site surveillance technology. But we don’t just try to lead the market – we look to innovate and improve it. One product that’s helped us do this has been our AI Security Towers.

Eco Security Towers are sturdy steel built all in one security options. They are,

  • Resistant to vandalism and sabotage, ensuring protection against both vandals and professional criminals
  • Not reliant on wires, cabling or a generator – making them easy to set up and deploy in many kinds of construction environment
  • Carry a 360-degree camera with a 200-metre range, mounted on a 7ft poll ensuring excellent coverage
  • Backed by powerful, modern artificial intelligence, eliminating the potential for human error and bring in advanced machine learning detection technology

Prime Secure’s AI CCTV Towers have helped secure us a respected place in the market. They’re suitable for a wide range of clients and environment’, and we’ve provided CCTV towers to construction sites, home associations and builders.

Prime Secure’s AI Towers are excellent if you’re looking for CCTV which isn’t reliant on consistent maintenance, isn’t in need of pre-existing infrastructure and can provide immediate service from set-up.

CCTV Tower Features

So, what features do our towers offer? As a modern CCTV security system, Prime Secure has ensured our CCTVs are fully equipped to provide your property with the systems they need to guarantee the protection of your property.

  • Quick to Deploy: Whereas traditional CCTV systems require extensive cable and wiring systems to be set up – Prime Secure’s CCTV Tower is quick to set up and requires minimum preparation and infrastructure which makes it perfect for a construction site environment.
  • Remote Access App: Want to check in on your property? Prime Secure’s CCTV Tower can be remotely accessed through a dedicated app. You can check on your employees as they work while also inspecting the security of the site directly.
  • Powerful AI Systems: Prime Secure’s CCTV Systems feature modern AI technology that ensures a quick response to any intrusion. Not only does AI decrease the potential for human error such as false alarms (or worse, missed signs of intruders), but AI has faster response time as well. Furthermore, with our excellent AI you can establish digital tripwires and protection zones – providing your property with even sharper, more powerful protection.
  • 360 Auto-Tracking Camera: Mounted on a sturdy 7ft poll, our towers mount a camera which can move 360 degrees and can track potential intruders and suspicious behaviour. This excellent field of view and capacity to keep sight of intruders or incidents (while recording them) ensures you’re able to get the evidence necessary to protect your property and prosecute criminals.
  • Warning and Audio Systems: Prime Secure’s CCTV Towers are equipped with audio warning systems. When an intruder is detected, recorded messages can be played which will alert the intruder that the authorities have been alerted. This will do a great deal to scare off vandals, intruders, and other criminals.
  • 4K 60FPS Low Light Camera: Our CCTV Cameras record at a crisp 4K, 60 FPS. This means that you will have a clear image of your property and get the best evidence for the police and any kind of legal proceedings. Furthermore, the Camera is lowlight and perfect for operating in dark conditions, meaning you’re protected at all times of the day. With a massive 4TB of storage, there’s no need to worry about a loss of space either.
  • Sturdy Construction: Prime Secure’s CCTV Towers are built to be sturdy, heavy, and resistant to tampering and vandalism. This means in the face of even professional criminals, you’ll be protected – as will your new security system. 
  • Limited Maintenance: Prime Secure has worked to ensure our CCTV Towers require minimal maintenance and don’t require consistent call outs or inspection to continue running. This is a serious benefit over standard security systems, which often necessitate consistent inspections.

CCTV Eco Tower

Alongside our standard CCTV Tower, Prime Secure also offers an advanced Eco-Powered CCTV Tower. It comes with the same features as our standard CCTV Tower, but also comes with other major benefits.

  • Eco Friendly: As its name suggests, Prime Secure’s Eco CCTV Tower is intended to benefit the environment. It uses solar panels to produce its energy, which means it is not reliant on a generator or other fuel source. This can help you to significantly cut down on your carbon output and footprint.
  • Makes Deployment and Use Easier: Because there’s no need for a generator or external power source an Eco CCTV is incredibly easy to set up. This can significantly save time, space and money.