Why Burglars are Deterred by Security Cameras

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Both former professional/career burglars as well as amateurs consistently cite the biggest deterrent to their crimes as being the visible presence of security cameras. In this article, we’ll discuss why security cameras are such a serious (and effective) deterrent for criminals and burglars, and how best to utilise them to protect your home and property.

Why Burglars are Deterred by Security Cameras

Burglars are deterred primarily because security cameras increase their chances of being caught and prosected, even if the property is empty at the time and any police response is delayed. The fact is that a visual recording of the burglar is not only fantastic evidence for the police to use to find them and track their movements, but it is a fantastic way to guarantee they are prosecuted. If their face is recorded and passed to the police, any criminal career they are hoping to start is unlikely to take off.

Professional burglars collectively agree that a security camera is the biggest deterrent they can encounter. Co-op Insurance found in a study that professional burglars considered CCTV to be the biggest possible deterrent (not only for homes either; the presence of a CCTV camera in a street would frequently deter criminals from attempting to stealing cars as well).

Thieves are not only deterred by security cameras mounted on the exterior of the property. Knowledge of internal security cameras likewise will often deter criminals, but just as with exterior cameras, it’s vital that these be visible. Indeed, in some cases, criminals who have managed to enter homes will promptly leave upon spotting an internal camera.

These benefits cannot be understated. They can end up saving you time, money, and most importantly of all peace of mind.

Why do thieves sometimes target homes with Security Cameras

On some occasions, although rare, thieves will target homes with security cameras. This may be because of an inflated sense of ability, or more than likely, they will not have seen the camera.

Even in these cases, Security Cameras play a vital role in helping to apprehend and prosecute criminals and burglars.

It’s vital any security cameras you have are used as effectively as they can be.

Ensuring Cameras are effective

If you want to make sure your CCTV system is effective at deterring any potential criminals, there’s a few steps you can take. These are some expert approved tips.


If the burglars are going to be deterred by the cameras, they are going to have to see them. A key part of ensuring criminals is put off attempting to break into your property is by ensuring the cameras are visible. If the cameras are obscured or covered up, then the cameras might become an ineffective deterrent – even if they’re able to spot burglars. The priority of the cameras should be to prevent crime.


Another part of visibility is the use of signs advertising the presence of cameras. Even if the cameras themselves aren’t visible to burglars or intruders, the knowledge a camera system is present is often enough to deter them from attempting a crime.

The best camera features for guaranteeing successful deterrence


A fantastic feature of many modern cameras is that they can come equipped with lighting. This shines a literal spotlight upon anyone detected, and the visibility of these kind of lighting systems will deter even expert criminals, since there is then little which they can do to remain unnoticed if they have a literal spotlight shining on them.

Sirens and Audio Warnings

One of the best features that come with modern CCTV camera are audio warnings, such as sirens. These can be set to activate when a camera detects an intruder, resulting in a pre-recorded message playing warning the intruder they are breaking the law and the police are to be alerted. This will often prevent the crime before it even begins and will give any intruder an incredible fright.

Night Vision

Most burglaries occur during at night, therefore it’s imperative you get up to date cameras which carry night vision features, to ensure that even in dark conditions you have a clear idea of what’s going on. Even if the camera can’t provide colour dark vision, infrared LED sensors are also highly effective and a fantastic option.

Maximising Efficiency of your Cameras

The best approach to maximising your cameras effectiveness is by combining them with other systems, such as burglar alarms Glasgow. The creation of a comprehensive security system, and a visible one at that, will do a huge amount to stop any criminal in their tracks. Of course, it is always vital to get the support of professionals when installing any of this – given the wealth of expert advise they can offer.